August 18, 2020
Lauren C
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Lung Infection

1st thing I wish I had known

The patient will usually lose weight, as the food isn’t world class and nurses don’t help them with eating. Try to visit when food is being served, so you can help/encourage them to eat. Or bring in tastier meals if you’re allowed. Smuggle them in if not.

2nd thing I wish I had known

Find a simple way for a patient to listen to their favourite music, if they’d like to. Old-fashioned, incredibly basic over-the-ear headphones are very light and much easier for them to adjust than earbuds or modern heavy ones. Make up playlists for them. I sat with my father-in-law playing different music to see what he found relaxing: we ended up making him a “sleepy” one (lots of Dido and David Grey), a country one, a 1940s one, etc. Because the patient is likely to be sedated or woozy, the simplest device – just an on-off button and a volume control – is best

3rd thing I wish I had known (plus any bonus thoughts)

Ideally you’ll be able to keep some things in a cupboard for the patient. A few pillows and blankets so you can make them comfortable according to how they’re feeling that day are really good to have. Nice, easy to remove clothes in soothing colours and good fabrics would have been great. *disclosure, Janesi Comfort chatted with Lauren when this whole idea came around. Her father-in-law could not find this garment either which helped push us to form the company.

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