August 18, 2020
Greg S
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Gallbladder Disease

1st thing I wish I had known

Hygiene tips: Take nail clippers and an emery board for fingers and toes. Don’t expect the nurses will use them – keep the patient’s nails trimmed and smooth yourself. Ditto hand cream. I massaged it into my father-in-law’s hands every day. A nice neutral face moisturiser is great to pat gently onto the patient’s forehead and round the eyes. You can see facial skin drying out very fast in hospital. Avoid facial freshening sprays. They can feel overwhelming when you’re in a delicate state. Dry shampoo is fantastic for making a bed-bound patient feel a bit cleaner. But only use about half the normal amount and pick one that isn’t strongly scented. Ditto deodorants. Native makes excellent ones and you can just use a tiny bit to make the patient feel fresher – obviously check with the nursing staff first. (note from Janesi Comfort - this story caused us to partner with Meow Meow Tweet)

2nd thing I wish I had known

Gallbladder Disease takes a team. Work very hard on getting the nursing staff to like you. Yes, bring in cookies etc for them, but compliments about how caring they are go even further. Especially when they’re not that caring. It motivates them to be more so.

3rd thing I wish I had known (plus any bonus thoughts)

Try to be with patient if they’re transferred between facilities so you can make sure their possessions don’t get lost in transit, and also help them settle into the new place.

The facility may want to know who the Health Care Proxy is.

If this is end of life, make certain a MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) is filled out and the new facility gets a physical copy

Same thing for the Power of Attorney

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