August 18, 2020
Mike B
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Compartment Syndrome

1st thing I wish I had known

Horrific ongoing pain in your shins might not be shin splints. I was advised by a friend who is a doc that my pain could be compartment syndrome but the ER doc who admitted me 1200 miles from home insisted it was just shin splints. I did not demand a pressure test until the next morning and by then nerve damage was done. My muscles were breaking down and the road forward became infinitely more rocky.

2nd thing I wish I had known

On top of my injuries I was suffering from a lack of sleep in the hospital. For three nights I got no sleep because I was always being tested for something straight through the night. I learned you can demand/politely request they coordinate schedules so docs must come in at the same time. I started to heal faster once I started to also get rest.

3rd thing I wish I had known (plus any bonus thoughts)

I wish I had been prepared to spend a month in bed. I was really active before and loved working. I don't like sitting in bed. The mental health aspect was tough for me. You have to accept it and you can't fight it. This was a source of more agony than it needed to be. This ended up being a time where I could have been investigating my spirituality but I spent weeks angry before getting to that place. Then during plastic surgery you have to be immobile or things go backwards. Bonuses:If narcotics are not for you know there is a IV drip that is lowgrade/non-narcotic but still helps with pain. They will try to say no due to addiction fears but find a solution that works for you.You should talk to you insurance company every day so they are not surprised. You can reduce anxiety by increasing communication.

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